About Us


Sana Halwany-Tawil and Myriam Nasr-Shuman are both passionate about discovering distant horizons and new cultures.

Headquartered in Lebanon, Voyages Sana & Myriam began by organizing trips to India in 1992. Ever since, their thirst for adventure and sharing their discoveries through exclusive, first rate private trips for like-minded travellers has continued to develop.

Today, they enjoy offering clients the indescribable wonder of exploring new and magical locations across the globe.

Sana is an adventurer to the core. She feels that Lebanon is her passion, France is in her heart and India is from where she draws inspiration.

Myriam is a bi-national, Lebanese and French. She has a passion for color, which is what first attracted her to India, the land of color. In addition to her traveling, she is the co-founder of the Garden Show & Spring Festival, the first garden show in Lebanon, and a former journalist for ELLE Oriental, responsible, not surprisingly, for the lifestyle and travel section.

When not traveling around the world, Sana and Myriam can be found at their homes in Beirut … or out exploring yet undiscovered marvels in their beloved homeland.